Simplify  your health and well-being

Focus on your well-being by choosing non-insurance health benefits that have no high premiums, no annual price hikes and are always affordable.

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Oxygen Health is not an insurance service. We provide bundle discounts for affordable healthcare.

Oxygen Health Benefit Plans

Who is Oxygen Health for

Comprehensive coverage for individual plan holders and employees. Always pay less than insurance premiums.

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    Individuals and Families

    Traditional insurance packages are inflexible, choose Oxygen non-insurance health benefits to fit you and your family needs.

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    Businesses of all sizes can get a bundle of comprehensive healthcare benefits or choose supplemental benefit packages. No group minimums. No annual price hikes.

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    Brokers and Partners

    Expand your client network and satisfaction by partnering with us. We offer flexible, affordable and simple non-insurance healthcare benefits for any type of business.

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We’re making happy and healthy easy to achieve

Choose a health plan that suits your business or family. Our simple onboarding and transparent costs keep managing your various benefits simple.

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    Sign-up for your membership

    Choose your health plan and get access to the benefits in that program.
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    Login and manage your benefits

    Login in to your membership portal, search and manage all your health benefits in one place.
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    Save your card

    Save your cards from various benefits to your phone and access the health care you need, when you need it.
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    Start receiving care

    Once you have access to your card you can order discount or free prescriptions, get urgent care via virtual medicine and access other benefits.
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    Support when you need it

    Your health plans come with prescription assistance support, technical support, member support and more. Get help when you need it.

Why Oxygen Health?

  • Nationwide network

    Our healthcare benefit providers are available nationwide
  • US customer support

    Our customer support is based in the US
  • Transparent pricing

    No hidden costs, no annual price hikes
  • Custom plans

    Our health bundles for businesses are customizable
  • Supplemental or full coverage

    Our plans are affordable as supplemental or comprehensive coverage

Oxygen Health is committed to providing alternatives to traditional health insurance plans. Our affordable health plans are flexible and customizable, aimed at increasing accessibility to healthcare services.

With Oxygen Health, businesses and individuals can access comprehensive coverage or supplemental health coverage without breaking the bank.

About Oxygen Health 

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